Monday, May 2, 2011

Victoria Secret Freebie?! Yummy Cookies, Rohto Eye Drop Review, And Something Special♥

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I was going to post this on Sunday and make it my May 1st post, but somebody (*cough* my dad) decided to kill the internet so we would sleep early and get off the computer. Anyways today I wanted to share with you some stuff.
First during the weekend I went to Victoria Secret to claim a freebie if you click here you too can go get a freebie Their Free Deluxe Sample of Dream Angels heavenly eau de parfum ends on May 9th or until they run out O.O so hurry and go get some while you can, the name of the perfume is called Dream Angels Forever though here are pictures of how it looks like

So the scent is suppose to be Blackberry, Iris and Amber, it smells nice but just a tad bit strong for my taste but be sure to check it out and get your freebie!

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okie next is a food item hahaha its just so yummy and cute that I had to share! So these cookies are shortbread cookies and they are heart shaped and half side is covered in chocolate, but it tastes like chocolate yogurt for some reason its so yummy probably it might be white chocolate maybe thats is why its super good.

they have two different types one is chocolate and the other is pink chocolate i prefer the pink one soooo delicious hahaha

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Okie now this one is a review on the Rohto eye drop

I picked this up at Walmart I was so excited when I saw that they were selling it there cause I've heard so many good things about Rohto. The one i got is the ice redness relief and its suppose to sooth itch, irritation & burn. It has a cooling effect. When I first tried it it like hurt like a bleep but not like hurt it just was that ice effect that was making my eyes feel like ice cool effect i don't know lol the best way to describe how fresh it feels is like when you put on some hand sanitizer and then you put your hands into the wind while you are in a car and you get this tingling cool effect thats what it feels like except it is in your eyes hahahaha sorry I'm not the best describer in the world. But i really enjoy using this product it really does make my eyes white like the redness disappears it is so cool. so I give this product a 5/5 ^____^.

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So today the coolest most awesome-est thing happened at my job one of my regular customer gave me this
I didn't expect it at all and it just made my day lol. I got a watercolor painting set and a sketching art set I'm so happy I'm excited to use them and maybe I'll post some drawings or paintings I do using them

Okie time to sleep! Goodnight or Good Morning hahaha hope you guys have a nice day Photobucket

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Yay After School I love their new song Shampoo here is a video and Enjoy!


  1. those cookies!!! they look yummy! :o
    thats quite a small freebie! :P we usually get stuff like those when we buy stuff.
    Like las time, i shopped at Dior and i got a free pouch with travel size goodies and i also got heaps of samples too!! *-*

    I have Rohto eyedrops :) but the lychee one~ is so cute! and i get what you mean about the stinging part, its so icy that it kinda hurts and eyes get a little watery xD but it feels awesome after a few seconds lol.

    That's so nice for a customer to get you something! :P

  2. @Fern Li yaaa cookie roar! lol they are so yummy >u< yeah it is small freebie but no need to buy anything so its okie and I live near the mall so no problem and my mami got one too ^___^ yeah usually you get samples when buying but sometimes they have free samples with no purchase necessary ah in Sephora we got some free samples >u< maybe i'll post what i asked for a sample?

    Rohto eyes i also want lychee one but they don't sell it here i would need to get it online but hopefully maybe they will sell it at walmart later on hahaha probably years later lol ^___^" and yes later feels so refreshing it is super nice

    and yes it was nice of him to give me some art supplies apparently he is into art and likes others who appreciates art too ^u^

  3. I want a Rohto too! I love the feeling of ice sensation in my eyes lol xDD But I don't think we have any Rohto in my area.. (._. ) Ugh... But we do have heart cookies + lots of fancy cute food here!! xDDD ♥♥

  4. the heart shaped cookies looks yummy to eat! they looked cute as well!!
    I wished i could eat them!

    wow, how nice to get a free victoria secret sample! the packaging looks great!
    too bad singapore doesnt have these T-T

    can the rohto eye drop be used with contact lens on? Looks cool. again, singapore dont sell them T-T

    the art materials looked awesome! :D cant wait to see the drawings you have drawn !

  5. Cute post love! I'll have to check out VS tomorrow or something lol And those are some cute products you have!

  6. @Rabbito you don't have Rohto in your area? wow i thought they would but i guess not :( but yay for yummy cute food X3

    @mitsuki yumiko yes the heart shape cookies are super yummy >u< i wish i could share some with you too!

    ah so sad that you don't have it in SG T^T

    no Rohto eye drops are not for contact lenses but nooo so sad you would think you guys would have it since you have more japanese products than I do over here >___<

    and yes I shall post some drawings when i finish drawing lol

    @Riya thank you and yes go get your freebie too ^____^

  7. heheh thank u for the comment and omg those cookies look so good! and the blue rohto drops are way too intense for me LOLOLOL i like the green one the most

  8. Thanks for replying my comment! (^O^) Now it's my turn to reply your comment in my blog~ :3

    Yup! The largest diameter I've ever got is 17.8mm!!! (o.o ) And my friend told me she has a pair of contacts with the diameter of 18.5mm! (._. ) I wonder how she put those contacts on her eyes......

  9. i love Rohto eye drops though i never knew walmart carried it.

  10. @styleganji your welcome and yes lol cookies are good and now are all gone X3 ah I haven't tried the green one yet but I really want the pink lychee one >u<

    @RabbitoBonbon your welcome rabbito-chan ^___^

    wow that is huggeeeee

    @Fruity Lashes yes I was excited when I found out that they were carrying it at Walmart ^___^