Friday, July 29, 2011

Something like a Gumi from Pokerface Tutorial (>x<)

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Hello Today's post is going to be a make up tutorial (^u^) I tried to make it similar ,but of course I'm no professional make up artist and am not a vocaloid like Gumi hehehe I hope you enjoy and if you do a make up similar to this I'd really like to see pictures

I really like this song hehehe and Gumi♥♥♥

I used this as a reference

Okay Let's Start

1. put on your usual foundation or bb cream
2. get your eyeliner
3. and put it on as shown on picture 3
4. then get a pencil eyeliner
5. draw it thick and a bit winged as show in picture 5 & 6
6. same process on the other eye

7. using your pencil eyeliner draw some lashes
8. you can also use another eyeliner to set it
9. get some false eyelashes somewhat dramatic and put them on
10. and it should look like picture 10

11. now get some half lashes it can be natural looking or dramatic
12. and stack it on but near the end of your eye to give it more exaggeration?
13. line your bottom waterline
14. also line the bottom of your eye

15. using some bottom false lashes im using dolly wink no.6
16. but before putting on your false bottom lashes draw some lashes on the bottom near the end as seen in picture 16
17. I only used two little lashes and stuck them near the end of the bottom eye
18. you don't really need the same eyelashes as i have but you can always cut one whole bottom eyelash into two pieces and also use that or whatever you like (^u^)

19. using eyeliner whatever kind draw three or four dots under one eye
20. using eyeliner also make an extending line in the corner of your eyes as shown in pic 20
21. then draw three diamonds on the eyebrow like in pic 21 you can also try to hid your eyebrow and redraw them making it look more Gumi like in the reference picture
22. once you are done with that it should look like pic 22
23. lastly make your lip nude and apply a light pink lip stick or gloss
24. and it should result as seen in pic 24

here are pictures of the final look

don't forget to style your hair and put on some horns but since i didnt have devil horns i used cat ears lol

hope you enjoyed

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Palty Hair Dye Review

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I am finally posting this (^u^) .... sheez =__=" took me long enough ... sorry for the long wait If you remember before in my haul I had gotten two different palty hair dyes on in the color of caramel latte and the other one was macaroon beige

This shall be a two in one post so first I will start with the first palty box I used to dye my hair which was the

✿ Palty in Caramel Latte

Front View

top view

back view

My hair before dying with the Caramel Latte color

Hair after dying with Caramel Latte color

no flash

with flash

★Point: since my hair before was previously blue and in order to get that blue some parts had been bleached and then after i dyed it to a reddish color which is what you see in the before pictures but as you can see in the after picture my whole hair hasn't exactly been dyed evenly instead the top of my head is more of the color of what the caramel latte looks and the bottom is darker just because blue dyes tend to make whatever hair you had before darker with a blueish tint while red doesn't really lighten it to that extent but blends with your dark hair (i hope this is a understandable explanation since im no good at explaining (>x<)) hence why my top hair is light is because my roots were growing out and i think its much easier to lighten the top of your head than the bottom but i like the way it turned out

★Suggestion: I would suggest to get two boxes of the same color if possible since one was almost enough since i had short hair but since my hair is thick it probably would've had better results if i had dyed it with two boxes instead of one

★Color: Obviously when you dye your hair it won't be exactly the same color as what the box is but as you can see in the back of the box it shows you what the result might be if you have different hair color

★Rating: I give this hair dye a 3.5/5

★Overall: I think its an okay product to use, but I like how after it makes your hair feel soft and smell nice it does have a nicer smell unlike those other hair dyes. I heard from others and reviews I read that the color does not last long but it lasted a long time for me probably because I was using both shampoo and conditioner for maintaining colored hair longer.

♥˙·٠•●●•٠·˙♥ ˙·٠•●●•٠·˙ ♥˙·٠•●●•٠·˙˙♥˙♥˙·٠•●●•٠·˙♥ ˙·٠•●●•٠·˙

Ok Now to talk about the other dye which is the

✿ Palty in Macaroon Beige

hair before dye

using macaroon beige palty box dye
front view

back view telling you what your hair color might result to

hair after dye

★My thoughts: It came out again my top more light than the bottom but i like the way it came out once again. Also my roots got dyed and my hair looks a bit more evened than when its the before the hair dye picture it looks as if it is doing a gradation of color so i like how it turned out (^u^)

★Rating: I still rate it as 3.5/5

★Suggestion: like i said above on the other dye i think getting two boxes is better

★Overall: I really like how it turned out and I still like how it makes my hair feel soft after dying it

I hope this sort of helped okay well bye bye