Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New hair (>u<)

Hello sorry for being M.I.A but I am alive it's just that ever since school started I haven't been able to go roam around freely to do the things I wanted to do lol even now I am actually writing half of this post through my iPhone through the blogger app.
I hope I can go back to my computer soon to post some things since many pictures that I want to blog about are stored there.

For now I wanted to share that I got my hair dyed! I got it done recently during wednesday on the 20th. I got it done at Bubbles. Yes it's my first time going this dramatic on a hair color which is blonde (^ะท^)-☆ it took about 4 hours and a half such a long process but it was fun. I like how it turned out though it wasn't really the exact same color as I wanted I'm happy with the results anyway and it will probably be easier next time to get it much lighter than it is now.

Okay so here are some pictures of me during the process

First it was bleaching and I just have pics of me being under the heater thing.

Here how it looks after bleaching

And the it was time for the toner

And here are pics after everything is done

Okay well that's all for now (^u^)bye bye