Thursday, May 26, 2011

Last Day Of School Pictures and Other Random Pictures ^u^

[Warning: Pic Heavy]

Hi Hi So I haven't really posted up much pictures of me yet hahaha and today I wanted to share with you the pics I took on my last day of school while waiting for my friend to finish her class sorry to say that its only pictures of my face only >___< http://www.emocutez.comi realized that since I entered college I haven't taken much pictures of my friends and I together when we are hanging out or so -____-" well without further ado here are the pictures i took while waiting for my friend

The following pics haven't been brightened or done anything except adding a frame and adding my logo thing ^u^ sometimes when I take pics with my iphone4 if i focus more where the light is it comes out like that so naturally bright pics no need to brighten them is what i like (>u<)

hehehehe you can see my new hair color which I will post about soon hopefully sorry for making you guys wait a little more......and that is it for my school pics lol


So one day I decided to wear a wig to work hahahaha its not mine its acutally my mom's but she doesn't use it at all So I decided to try it out for the second time, but this time go out in public with it and it looked like this on me

some of the picture looks yellow-ish because of the light that is at my job in their break room but other wise probably the first pic or second pic is my real skin color? lol well i don't think im that pale looking so probably more the second one is more of my color lol heheheh well that was it for this post hopefully i'll have other posts where it may be more helpful and useful than pictures of me lol sorry

I shall leave you with a new boy group in the K-pop scene lol http://www.emocutez.comPresenting "Boyfriend"

and there are twins in the group ^u^

and a kinda old song but it so much fun to listen to hehehe i like my vocaloid music

http://www.emocutez.comNow everyone minna みんな 다같이 all together let's all dance! lol http://www.emocutez.comhttp://www.emocutez.com


  1. You look like a doll with that wig! :) <3

  2. =P it is quite pixx heavey~ cute wig there u have~ It looks like diff color when u took it indoor n outdoor?! ~ =) I think it’s cute

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  3. @Jendee thank you >u< but i still think that it looks weird on me lol

    @Hitomi ah yes u r right the color does look different indoor and outdoor thank u ^u^

  4. If I take 100 pictures of myself, only 5 will turn out good, whereas all of yours are super adorable!!! By any chance, were you wearing circle lenses in your pictures?

  5. wahhh you're so cute!!! what lense r u wearing??

  6. Your wig looks pretty~! I love the color. and you look cute in it~!

  7. LOL that song.. xD
    "would you be my girlfried?" YES!! :|

    Soooo many pictures :P youre so cute!!
    I have when some lightings make you uber yellow ><
    that wig looks nice :) and real-looking!

  8. @Blair lol that happens to me too sometimes lol sometimes it takes time taking good pics and other times not so much depends on the day i guess =P lol and yes i am wearing circle lenses ^u^

    @Choccuro thank you >u< and for the circle lenses im wearing the bambi/princess mimi green apple on my upper pics and for the wig one im wearing bambi/princess mimi sesame grey >u<

    @nanachan thank you >///u///<

    @Fern yessss llol

    thank you lol but im not that cute you are way cuter lol and yes dont like it when some lighting makes u look like u have a different skin color lol

  9. Ah lovely photos! They are cute and you look pretty ^^

  10. cute pic ^^ But some seems too bright to see XD

    lol why does your mom have a wig? It looks cute on you ^^

  11. Wah, you look so cute and pretty! Talk about photogenic much lol!! &I think you resemble reieek a bit! hahaa, she's a model! :P

  12. @PopBlush Thank you

    @MayClover thank u XD

    @nyuu lol i like the brightness cause it makes the lenses pop out more

    oh and mami has the wig but doesn't use it lol i dunno y she bought it

    @babyxi thank you but im not that photogenic :\ and i saw pics of this reieek but no i dont think i resemble her at all she is wayyyyyy prettier than i am :X