Monday, August 15, 2011

Tag 10 things about me?

Hello Sorry =___=" this is like two months late The lovely Riya had tagged me when she did her 10 things about me

So yeah 10 Things About Me

1. I am into K-pop hehehe here are some songs that im liking

and some groups to name that i like would be
✿ 2NE1
✿ miss A
✿ Big Bang
✿ U-Kiss
okay I give up I like almost all K-pop music groups and artists lol

2. and 3. I really like Japanese music and the dances niconicodouga dancers create I really listen to more of vocaloid music than anything lol but not just vocaloid its more of vocaloid covers that were done by niconicodouga singers ♥u♥ they have amazing voices and i really love the dances that they have for the songs sheesz they are so talented and amazing
here are some songs and dances that i really like well i like almost all and it also makes me want to learn the dances that have been made up for the songs (>x<)

4. and 5. I love watching anime and reading manga yay waiii
some mangas to list that i am reading right now would be
☞ Gakuen Babysiters
super cute manga that can make you feel all kinds of emotions lol

☞ Gakuen Alice
They made this manga into an anime but since the anime is targeted towards kids+ they didn't make it as dramatic as the manga plus the manga still hasn't finished while the anime ended and kind of light but if you want deeper meaning of what is going on i suggest to read the manga its so good

☞ Switch Girl

its both comedy and romance it still ongoing but so far i find it funny

there are so many more but i won't list them lol it would be too much

i still need to list some animes (=__=") some that im watching at the moment are

☞ Ao No Exorcist
 awesome anime i really like it but i didn't really watch it when it first came out but people kept posting about it ... its still ongoing

☞ No. 6
this is also another good anime

☞ Sket Dance
this anime is so funny and i recommend it if your not looking for something to heavy its light and comedic

so far those are recent animes but my all time fav anime has to be no other than

☞ K-On!
there are two seasons but they are pretty short around 12-13 episodes in each season but it feels shorter since its really funny and light its just too cute and i love that they form a band lol

6. MANGOES!!!!!!!! I love mangoes they are my all time favorite fruit lol

7. cute things ... I really love cute things lol anything kawaii i squeal over which at times i think that im stupid cause im doing stupid squealing for no reason like this http://www.emocutez.comhttp://www.emocutez.com well not the nose bleeding extreme lol

8. hmm now its getting hard lol (what? i don't know much about myself?! how can this be lol its about me we are talking about lol) I am an extremely random person

9. I like food (does that count? but everyone likes food .... i think) my favorite thing to eat is mushed potatoes yummy

10. I like sweet stuff (apparently) I didn't think I had a sweet tooth until my friends were telling me about it but i was denying that i had any sort of sweet tooth lol white mocha is soooo good and if you ever get a starbucks frappuccino go try a White Chocolate Mocha Syrup Creme(its without the coffee) with Raspberry and Coconut Syrup its super yummy lol i call it the pink flamingo because when its blended its comes out a pretty pink color

so that was it for the tag on 10 things about me its really really really late lol I would tag people but I don't want to make people who have already done it do it again so if you want to do a 10 things about me please go ahead and i'd be more than happy to read them (cause i have no life except to read blogs lol)

oksy well bye bye