Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quick Update


sorry for not posting since a week ago I should of written this sooner but I'll probably won't be able to post anything until after the week of May 16-20 since I have finals (>3<-booo) sorry guys T^T so until then I'll leave you guys videos of my fav songs so far (mostly korean lol)Gah ∑(°д°;))) Im so also so far behind reading posts >.< noooooo it will take me at least three whole days to get updated hahaha well im exaggerating but at least one and a half day tops p.s. you may see me here and there commenting


  1. Good luck with your exams ♥

  2. These videos remind me of my little sister because she listens to them!

  3. aww good luck with your exams, and lol I'm in Asia right now and hearing these types ofmusic all day, it's growing on me Ithink its also cuz I love their outfits

  4. Hi Dear~ Thx for your comment~ Ur finals r all over right?~ what’s up? ^^

    xoox Hitomineko xoxo

  5. weird, i tried clicking on the videos and all of them said "this video is private" except for the second and last video XD

    I like the pink hair from the last video lol ^^;;; GOOD LUCK WITH FINALS!!!

  6. goodluck on your finals Giselle!! love your new pic!! n___n