Saturday, April 30, 2011

More Pictures of The Luna Make Up Tutorial

[Warning] Pic Heavy

hi hi so these are just more of my pictures of me sporting the look I did on my previous post but first i would like to thank all those who commented o(≧∀≦)o you guys are all so sweet and nice i feel so happy that you liked the tutorial Now here are more pictures as I said in my last post, but didn't get around to it till now and once again sorry if i blind your eyes

ah that should be it ^____^

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Something like a Luna of f(x) Tutorial ♥◕。◕

Warning [Heavy Pic] Also Click On Images to View them Larger

Hello Sorry for posting this kinda late hahaha didn't know that it would take a while to edit pictures especially since I took a lot hahahaha Anyways sorry that the following pictures might blind you since when i mean editing pictures it just means brightening them to the max plus its also to be able to see better and I apologize for the not so great quality pictures since I took them all with my Iphone4 I hope you guys enjoy my first tutorial

Okay on to the make up tutorial As I posted on my previous post I said that I was going to do this look

So this is what one eye looks complete

yup yup so I will be demonstrating how to do this look with the other eye

so first this is how I look with no make up except for my BB cream that I have on and my circle lenses The ones I'm wearing in these pictures are the Princess Mimi aka Geo Bambi Sesame Gray which I will do a review on them and about the site that I bought them from Okay so continuing with pictures of this tutorial

Okie so first after applying what you need to apply to for your face like foundation, concealer, BB cream , mineral powder, or nothing whatever you prefer next we move on to the eyes These are the three different eye liners I used

You don't really need to use all three different types, but whatever you feel most comfortable and it will look dark and stay put on your eyes

First what I used was an eye liner from Avon

So you should line the top of your eye and curve it outwards so it will look like this

next you are also going to line your part of your eye

next using a black pencil eye liner mine is from wet n' wild you are just going to go over the lines from the previous eye liner and also darken you bottom waterline more

after using the black eye liner pencil use a waterproof eyeliner pen mine is from e.l.f. and just trace previous and also you may define some parts more wherever you may like

When you finish lining your top and bottom eyes you will curl your eyelashes

after curling you can put on mascara on your lashes but I would suggest to do this step after putting on your bottom eyelash which then you can add mascara on you eyelashes and some on your bottom

so now i'm using these for my bottom eyelashes

just put them on near the end of your bottom eye

add mascara and they should look like this

Now onto falsies for the top eye

I'm using these they don't need to be long but just to accentuate more on the outer part of your eye well whatever seems best for your eyes and how dramatic you want them looking since my tutorial isn't exactly alike as Luna's eye makeup but just somewhat similar

by the way i used this eyelash glue i think its from ARDELL and mine is in black

okie after you are done putting your falsies now to add the rhinestones on your eyes I used the rhinestones that I won from a giveaway which was on this post of mine ★Sushi, Nail Polish, & Surprise in the mail?!☆(> ω <) which i won from Alice

so to put these mini rhinestones on i used this eyelash glue which is white but dries clear

for the bottom eyes i used three colors which were orange, silver or i guess called diamond looking one, and a blue one First glue on the orange one near your inner coner eyes but not so close so one fourth of the way hahaha sorry i suck at explaining but it should look like this

next just add the other two so the silver and blue one a but apart from each other but not a huge huge gap so they should look like this

After you are done with that the next part is putting rhinestones on the top of your eye there will be 6 of these and the colors are orange, light blue,silver, orange, silver, and dark blue. And these will be on top of your eyelid so it should look like this when applying them

and ta-dah you are now done so the complete look should look like this oh and for the color rhinestones you can choose your own colors if you like but i based it on Luna's look

so now to finish this whole look we are going to apply some blush on the cheeks and its going to be more on the top of the cheek and kinda outwards towards your temple and im using my victory secret very sexy blush

next we are going to use concealer or whatever you have in hand to conceal your lips and make the look nude and after you are going to apply a pinkish lipstick kinda baby pink I am using my NYX Strawberry Milk and you can see more about this lipstick on my other post The Face Shop + NYX + ELF Haul?! X3

and then you can choose to add or not add a lip gloss

so yup that is the tutorial on how to do Luna's make up on her Pinocchio ~Danger music video

I think this look would work best if you were going to party or night club but definitely too much for the morning hahahaha you could just wear the part without the rhinestones and maybe that could work but best for having fun at night here are pictures that I took wearing this make up hahaha i took too many http://www.emocutez.com

so bright http://www.emocutez.commy eyes hurt and im getting dizzy looking at them http://www.emocutez.comhahahaha you don't need to keep looking at the pictures if you don't want to but here are more and I tried using a cap wish i would've done the hair too but hers is a bit longer than mine and i dont think it would come out well

lol trying to copy same pose

I dunno if i should continue to post pictures or put them on another post I will probably put them on another post since this one i getting too long so if you want to look at more pictures you can look at the other post that I shall put up but Warning those pictures will also be bright so be cautious when looking at them sorry about that Hope you enjoyed my tutorial and those you will try this look good luck and have fun