Monday, May 23, 2011

Finals Over and No School....Until Summer classes -__-;"

Hello Sorry I was gone for a while I am happy to announce that I am done with finals which = done school Yay!!! well until my summer classes start is but its okie =D

Thank you to all those who wished me luck on my finals ^____^ I actually finished school/finals last week on Thursday the 19th and I was going to blog on the weekend but I wasn't able to because of work and how tired I was (you know when you finish something really big and then afterwards you are relieved, but you get super tired and sleep a lot?) well that is what I felt like so I was super sleepy and waking up at 6:30am in the morning to go to work wasn't really helping much
Sorry! Gomenasai~ ごめんなさい 미안해요 I was trying so hard to stay awake and try to post a blog but all I got done was editing some pictures But not to worry because I have plenty to blog about while I was gone these few weeks or days and expect one soon maybe later this afternoon (well afternoon for me) or day

Thank You to all new and old followers and Sorry for not updating/posting a lot >___<" I shall leave you with a recent picture of me ^u^


  1. Congrats ♥ I love the feeling you have right after finals, haha~

  2. Yay congrats!! =D
    It's such a good feeling to finish exams!!
    I went home after my last exam and went straight to playing xbox lolololol and then had sailor moon marathons and did allnighters since NO MORE SCHOOL! Woo 8D hahaha

    Cute photo! ^^

  3. @Fern yay thnx lol
    it is a good feeling being done school for now
    lol hahaha nice xbox and sailor moon XD i wish i could but i was super sleepy and can't pull of all nighters anymore T^T