Wednesday, May 4, 2011 Haul ^ㅂ^

Hello This is going to be haul of what I bought at This is what I got

My package arrived on Tuesday 3 of May and I ordered it on Thursday 28 of April so basically it took 4 days not counting Sunday so that was pretty fast shipping. I was super excited when I saw it I was like jumping in excitement I got it at the time they were having a 10% off and plus I used an extra coupon that Eki gave it was during her Artie Advert Post and it totaled to 15% off which I was happy about, so the package came like this

everything was wrapped with bubble wrap but I was too excited to take a picture with the products covered in bubble warp so i just took a picture like this to show you what there was in the paracel

yup yup so i'm so happy that I got these really fast They have free shipping for orders $50+ for the U.S. and for International it is over $85+. So let me tell you what I got

Okie I got the:
❤ Kracie NAIVE Aloe Facial Cleansing Foam
❤ Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist
❤ Koji Dolly Wink False Eyelashes No.6 (Baby Cute)
❤ Dariya Palty Hair Color (Caramel Latte)
❤ Dariya Palty Hair Color (Macaroon Beige)
❤ Koji Eye Talk DOuble Eyelid Technical Eye Tape (Slim)

Here are close up pictures of what I got

Kracie NAIVE Aloe Facial Cleansing Foam

Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist

Koji Dolly Wink False Eyelashes No.6 (Baby Cute)

Dariya Palty Hair Color (Macaroon Beige) ❤ Dariya Palty Hair Color (Caramel Latte)

Dariya Palty Hair Color (Macaroon Beige) ❤ Dariya Palty Hair Color (Caramel Latte)

Dariya Palty Hair Color (Macaroon Beige) ❤ Dariya Palty Hair Color (Caramel Latte)

Dariya Palty Hair Color (Macaroon Beige) ❤ Dariya Palty Hair Color (Caramel Latte)

Koji Eye Talk DOuble Eyelid Technical Eye Tape (Slim)

Overall I was super happy with how fast delivery was and their website is really easy to use. Not sure about service since I didn't have any problems or questions, but I looked at their contact us part and they have like a nice fill out that you can do. My only problem was that when I first opened my package and unwrapped the bubble wrap from the Palty Hair Dyes it looked like this

The boxes were somewhat dented and a bit in poor shape. This was my reaction when I first saw it but it was okay because the things inside wasn't damaged or anything like that, but I still was a bit upset about the boxes lol

I would give it a 4.5/5 just cause of the palty boxes and their dented-ness(i don't think that is a word lol), but overall I would recommend this site to everyone ^____^

Yaaahh so be sure to check it out if you are interested in buying Asian products

P.S. This was not Sponsored or anything like that. I bought all the products myself >uO~


  1. Yay goodies~! Poo that the boxes were kinda dented but good thing it wasn't messed up inside! I'm sure it was just packaging or postal handling..>.<

    Review the dyyyeeeee I would love to see it! :D :D

  2. @l-article yes i was upset about the dented boxes but im glad inside was okay ^___^

    and yes I'll review the dye soon >u<

  3. Oh~ nice haul. I am excited to see how the Palty hair dyes work for you. I've wanted to try them for ages.

  4. Oh definitely going to check this shop out ♥ thanks for sharing!

    I hope you're going to review the products for us!! ♥

  5. i can buy undented palty boxes near me ;D LOL!!
    baby cute gives a nice cute look to the eyes but omggggggggggg ==" i hate putting it on one by one!! :@ i wish it came on one whole band xD

  6. Woaaa!! Kawaii stuff! Cool website the delivery is fast!
    too bad they don't ship here in Manila~ T^T

    Anyway, love all the stuff that you ordered! The Palty hair dye!~ When will you dye your hair? So excited to see it ^^ And the falsies soo cute~!!

  7. cute haul ~~~~ ^^

    I been thinking 2 get those dolly wink lashes~ but ... mmm.. haven’t got the spare change yet.. haha.

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  8. @PopBlush yes yes will do review on it soon >u<

    @mutsumi yup yup check the site out yes will review them ^___^

    @Fern Li I wish I could buy undented palty boxes too >.< ah I didn't know they were individual bottom eyelashes but they are super cute lol

    @Jendee awww that's too bad hopefully they will add later on

    yesss will review palty soon

    @HitomiNeko yes i want more dolly wink lashes but so expensive >.<

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  10. Great haul! But actually it's very logical the palty hairdyes were a bit dented, becoz they shipped it in an envelope instead of the box! And the people at the airport who load the packages and suitcases just throw them in the airplane XD

    Can't wait to see results of the hairdye :D!!

  11. Very nice haul :D
    I hope the hairdyes comes out great for you!
    As long as the product works perfectly..its okay that it's a little dented ne? ^^

  12. cant wait to hear your thoughts on the bubble dyes and the sana collagen mist! i've got the collagen cream from the same collection and it's just OK for me :)

  13. thank you for your lovely comment <3
    wow you got so awesome things!!! <3
    i love the palty haircolors!!!
    i plan to dye my hair with them too! :D
    please show us how they worked on your hair ^^/
    take care <3

  14. Nice haul babe! (^O^) I've always wanted to buy this Patty hair dye thingy but I'll be going to college soon and they don't allowed us to dye our hair wtf.. (-_- )

  15. Awesome haul! I like all the products and I am really curous about the hair dye, will you make a post? :D x

  16. @Moon thank you ah yes it is cause of the package was paper instead of box lol i knew that but im glad nothing inside was bad

    @nyuu yup as long as the insides are fine its okie lol just that i think the package is so cute so its kinda a shame for it to be dented lol

    @Jennifer yes yes will try to do review soon ^____^

    @nene your welcome and i do plan on doing a palty review soon >u<

    @Rabbito what?! they don't let you dye your hair in college :(

    @May thanks will make post asap >uO~