Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yummy Drinks You Should Try + Funny Comic Strip


I would like to share some yummy drinks with you all 。◕‿◕。, but I have to warn you right now that they are not healthy drinks at all (ΘεΘ;) hahaha, but it is nice to indulge yourself once in a while with these drinks o(∩_∩)o. So first I'd like to share to you two of my favorite drinks that you can get at Starbucks or Barnes & Noble Cafe...well I'm not sure about Starbucks (since i got my drinks at Barnes & Noble), but I know you can definitely get it at Barnes & Noble (well at least the one I live near to hahahaha ^__^").

Okay Moving on first drink is like

Why well because I'd like to introduce you to a Grande(Medium) Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with a Red Velvet Cupcake thrown yes Thrown into the frappuccino BUT in a Venti(Large) Cup (I guess the only way you can make it less fat would be the milk it could be nonfat or 2% or just whole milk ah they also have Half & Half milk that if you do use Half & Half milk it will taste kinda like ice cream, but still blended form if you get what i mean lol). Yes Ladies & Gents this is tastes like Heaven hahaha well i don't know how heaven tastes like, but it is pretty close below is the picture (click for lager size)

It is super Yummy lol ah so next one I recommend trying at least once in your lifetime since yes it can be on the ...dark side lol meaning (fat not healthy at all) lol is a Venti (Large) White Mocha Frapuccino with Raspberry Flavor Syrup this is also super yum

hehehehe well below is the picture, once again please click on all pictures for a larger size

I do have another recommended frappuccino, but i don't have a picture of it lol its also really good, but this one might be more dangerous since it does involve a CHEESECAKE THROWN INTO THE FRAPPUCCINO!!! lol Yes this could cause a HeartAttack hahaha well hopefully not, but that is kinda overexaggerating, but remember this is like a ONCE IN A WHILE TREAT NOT FOR EVERYDAY. lol so basically this drink is a Grande Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with a White Chocolate Raspberry Cheescake Thrown Into the Frappuccino but once again in a Venti Cup gah d(>w<)b wish I took a pic that one time i tried it hahaha but color wise the final product looks like an cookies n' cream drink lol but its super yummy, but i guess its somewhat similar to the white mocha raspberry frapp.

Anyways lol A drink that I love to Drink but do not have the privilege to drink it often would have to be my 식혜 (Sikhye) which is a korean drink its called rice punch in english its sweet, but my one non-asian friend said that it wasn't sweet at all ㅋㅋㅋㅋ even though i think it is sweet, but it depends on what sweet tastes like to an individual since taste is different for everyone. ahh soorrry (-ω- ) i blab too much sometimes anyways here are some pics of what it is.

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ~ oh and here is a sorta funny comic strip from Pearls Before Swine

Well that is it for now I have to sleep now

Night Night

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