Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My First Face Mask + Review ^u^

Hello there, today I am going to review THE QURE Green Tea Collagen Essence Mask! My first face mask ever

I was uber excited about trying it out, since I've never really tried out any masks, but now not only have a tried one for the first time, but I can also review one. Since I haven't really seen or read any reviews for this brand so far...

But hopefully this review will be somewhat helpful to you guys ^u^. So here we Go!

In the how to use they have some nice directions for how you might want to use the mask either in summer or winter. For Summer you can keep the mask pack in its package in the refrigerator or For Winter before using you can soak the package for 2~3 minutes in warm water. ^u^

-first of all it smells really good, like really good even though it says green tea, it isn't too strong its like a light green tea smell kinda floral and sweet, as if it could be a perfume
-the mask is drenched with the serum generously, you could use excess for neck
-sticks to face and doesn't fall off, I was actually doing stuff instead of relaxing like the instructions says :P
-it feels like your skin is being rejuvenated when you wear it for those 20~30 min it also has a bit of tingling sensation
-after you take it off skin looks hydrated
-my skin didn't break out, so that is good ^u^

-the mask itself doesn't reach down to the neck
-you have to "avoid using on blemishes, pimples, irritated or sunburned skin

I have to say overall, THE QURE Green Tea Collagen Essence Mask is pretty good. Of course its not a whitening mask product but it is a Collagen Mask. And you do feel pretty refreshed after you are done.

Now I have four more left to try out.Hehehe well Until Next Time now I have to bid you adieu!


  1. Hi Giselle! o(^w^)o Thanks for commenting my blog post! Do you love cute stuff too? I'm pretty sure your place have shops that sell those things! o(^w^)b

    I tried this face mask yesterday!!!! OMG what a coincidence!! XDXDXD Even though it doesn't snow here I still soaked it in warm water lololol! XDXDXD

  2. Wow~ Looks like fresh face!~ Imma try that too~ :)
    Gissele thanks for commenting on my blog I followed you blog~ Please follow back if you like =)

  3. Nice mask&review! And funny how you edit it :D
    would like to buy it<3