Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hello Kitty Tattoos And Monday's Lunch ♥◕。◕

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sorry for not updating so often ^__^";

even though I've taken pictures and know what I'm going to blog about on that day, but never put it up on time >~< gah lol. Well Its probably because before I even blog on my own blog I usually read all the other blogger's blogs that I am following ^u^ gah sometimes it takes me a long time to read all of them that it takes the next day and then I have more to read

But hopefully I will be able to catch up by next week and maybe blog on a regular schedule ?_? hopefully ^u^ anyways on Monday 2/21 yes president's day I had some yummy lunch at B&N Barnes & Noble, hehehe I had some yummy half sandwich and soup >u< yum yum makes me want some right now T^T hehehe here are some pics

yup I had a half Italian Flatbread Sandwich and My favorite soup Chicken and Wild Rice
hehehe i am in love with Chicken&Wild Rice soup its so yummy hehehe

As a dessert I had decided to try the cream puff it was yummy though i would have preferred it frozen like ice cream like those Éclairs

yup so pretty much that was my lunch on monday ^^ moving on my one friend from work gave me these really cute Hello Kitty Tattoos

I was uber happy receiving them that I got somewhat hyper hahaha and was like this

here are the pics of the tattoos i got ^u^

I was so excited when I got them that on that very night I had to wear one ^__^ and so I chose this one

hehehehe so cuteeee right yup so i wore it on my wrist and it turned out like this

kyaaaa i want some moreeee hehehe they might be my new addiction so i'll probably have to hunt for these babies in like the store, my friend said she got it at like cvs or rite aid i don't remember now, but seriously i just want more rawr

yup so here are some pics of me showing off my HK tattoo lol

puhahahaha im such a dork ^u^ ah and my mom took two of my hk tattoos hahaha she also wanted some and these are the two that she picked

Lah~ well time to sleep I always blog super late like the next day in the morning like night time hahaha = middle of the night until later ~

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