Sunday, March 20, 2011

★Sushi, Nail Polish, & Surprise in the mail?!☆(> ω <)

Warning: Heavy Pics and Click on Pictures to view them in a larger size ^__^


So yesterday after work I hung out with a friend of mine, since we haven't been able to get together as often as we want cause of school, work and all that jazz. Since I've been craving sushi the whole week I suggested that we go eat sushi somewhere. We ended up going to a rotating sushi bar
Oh my I was so happy cause I have been wanting sushi all week long hahaha so when we went there it was really cool since this was the first time I ever went to a rotating sushi bar hehehe when we went in and got sat down I was practically staring at the rotating sushi with these kind of eyes
here are the sushi I ate, I took all the pictures of the sushi I had except the first one i ate, since I was hungry and not really thinking about taking pictures, until my friend took a picture of hers ㅋㅋㅋㅋ~ Basically the colored plates told you how much they were

hehehehe here is how they were rotating and you had to grab them or else you would miss the one you wanted until it came back to you or someone else might have taken it

I have to tell you the sushi on the orange plate was to die for i was in lalala land when I took a bite out of it, its so delicious that both my friend and I named it our favorite hahaha
lala land

anyways I cleared 5 plates, but it was one of those I'm full but I think I can still eat moreee lol

Ah, but before we had sushi we went to the mall and one of the stores we went into was H&M and I had found these really cute sort of I guess its a pastel kind of colored nail polishes (*^▽^*)

Okie so I bought three different ones as you can see above in the pictures and i got a blue one- deep sea, a yellow one- lemon sorbet, and a lavender one- lovely lavender.

I have only tried the blue one- deep sea so far and I will do a review on it right now

As you can see above I have only applied one coat and it is kinda streaky, but adding a second coat should do the trick

the two pictures above I have applied the second coat. so two coats does the trick. ^__^

I have to say that they do chip fast, if you are using your hands a lot, but putting on a top coat you help it not chip, below are pictures of my nails the next day after work. But I didn't put on a top coat so yeah...(●`3´●)

I shall definitely post up pictures for the other two colors when I try them out ~(๑◕ܫ◕☆彡

Last but not least yes Surprise in the mail

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ~ I was so happy when I opened my mailbox and in there I see yes the giveaway I had won from Alice-Chan check her blog out here and also her youtube channel here where she has very cute tutorials

Well I was super excited to open this package hehehe hence lala land again

and this is what I won (♥∀♥)

Aren't they all super cuteeee kawaii~

hehehe Well hope you liked my post. Sorry for so many pics

Until next time bye bye time to sleep now hahaha


  1. Haha I'm in Lala Land when looking at your sushi photos, too ♥ Love the blue dish with faces! so cute!

    & YAY for that blue nail polish! Love the colour! Thanks for reviewing it ♥ I may go to H&M to look for it~

    && Congratulations for winning that cute Giveaway ♥

  2. Oh my! Yummy sushi!!~
    and love that nail polish~

    and yeah Congratulations on winning!~~ ^.^

  3. Yummy! Sushi~ nom nom

    I love pastel shades :D

  4. Yumm Sushi!! Xxxxxxxx

    Cute blog btw :X

  5. OMG sushiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~~~ I want the sushiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~ I'm hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~~~~~~ o(;A;)o Oh and the star necklace looks so kawaii! o(^w^)o

  6. food n nail polish yum!
    the nail polishes look so cute! :)the blue looks lovely on u! :D

  7. @Amy thank you and yes yum yum sushi >u<

    @Rabbito lol thank you, the star necklace is from BOF boys over flower necklace ^__^

    @ for the love of beauty by lara thank you (> ω <)

  8. Thanks for your sweet comment hun!
    I love love love majo majo palettes! I wish I had gotten more. :D

  9. Omigosh i love sushi ^ ^ drools hihi
    and those cute colors of nail polish is love <3

    star necklace is awesome too
    kawaiiiiiiiii ^ ^

  10. I love sushi and those nail polish looks so cute!

  11. @Yesha yeah i love sushi too its so yummy
    and i really am loving the star necklace ^__^

    @Riya~ thank you, i do like the colors of the nail polishes, but i still want tsubasa's line of nail polishes hehehe i love her pastel colors