Friday, April 22, 2011

Preview of What I'm going to post & Yapo's First Giveaway


This is a preview of my upcoming post yup yup I am going to do this look of Luna from f(x) a Korean Girl Group for those who don't know about them

Yup yup so excited
You can see the video below of f(x) their new song Pinocchio~Danger

Also Enter this Cute Giveaway By Yapo

Hurry up and enter cause it ends soon On Apr 29 So hurry


  1. Looking forward to your next post!!!!
    I love hair like that ♥ & the make up is looking pretty cool, too!!

  2. @mutsumi lol thank you ah but sorry to disappoint but im only doing the make up part T^T i wish i could do hair probably that might be the following tutorial? lol

  3. I've never heard of f(x) before XD So many huge girl bands..I don't keep up.. I wonder if they were inspired by calculus to form the name f(x) o_O;

    I can't wait to see your tut! :3

  4. Looking forward to your tute on her look girl!

  5. When will you post your inspired look up? I'm sure it'll be very cute <3

  6. @PopBlush thank you

    @Blair sorry it will be soon lol editing pictures is taking a bit long especially when you take a million pictures hahaha