Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Face Shop + NYX + ELF Haul?! X3


I have another haul today I got my things on different days hahaha

okie so first is the things I got from The Face Shop yay this is the first time i ever got something from The Face Shop

My friend actually had gotten them for me since she told me that she was going to go to New York during her spring break which was like two or three weeks ago hahahaha so I made a list and asked her if she could get those things for me...apparently the shop didn't have all the things on my list so i only got in total three things plus two samples
Smiley Face
so okie onto pics and what i got these are all the things i got

The first thing I got is The Face Shop The Skin Extra BB Cream SPF20 PA++

yup yup I shall probably do a review hehehe after I use it some more
Smiley Face

the next thing i got is two of the raspberry slim & lift sleeping mask. it says that the facial contours are toned and lifted while you are sleeping

so that was it for my purchase will probably also do a review of the sleeping facemask when i come around to use it and now comes the samples that they gave me

this one is the brightening rice water cleansing foam and it was part of my list but they didn't have it in a full size T~T but im glad that i at least got a sample of what I wanted to try

and the next sample i got was a mini BB Cream and its called Flebeaute collagenic its so small and cute the sample hahaha

so that was all from The Face Shop

next is my little haul from Ulta the only things I got when I was in Ulta was two NYX round lipsticks and they are sooo pretty and i was looking for some baby pinkish lipstick and the other one has i guess some blue undertone to it so it looks a but purple-ish on my lips but its probably cause of my lips

the first one i got is the Strawberry Milk LSS 595

the next one i got was the Baby Pink LSS 592

and thats all for my NYX products lolNow onto my Elf product that I got ^____^ I bought this at Target kekekeke my first colorful palette so excited to play with all these colors that I don't have well most of them I seem to not have =__=" so Yay that now I have more colors in my life
So I got this e.l.f. 32 piece eyeshadow everyday brights

and that is all for my haul i shall leave you with a not so recent picture of me


  1. Awww nice haul love and I love the last picture of you! Cute!

  2. waaai..Please review the slimming product for the face XD
    I like the strawberry milk shade, is it very opaque or did you have to swipe it more than once for the color to show up? :3

  3. @nyuu i shall definitely do a review for the slim & lift face mask ^__^ and the strawberry milk shade was just one swipe ^___^

  4. I don't really know about cosmetic products so I'll just say.. Nice haul! Mwahahaha xDD

    Love the last picture♥♥ You look chooo kawaii (*^O^*)

  5. Nice haul! :D i havent been to The Face Shop in ages xD I used to use the brightening rice water cleansing foam :) ~ Not anymore though because I ran out and I don't usually buy the same thing twice and try something different out! :D

    Last photo is cute!! <3 x3

  6. Aww such a nice friend to get you cool stuff from NY! Can't wait to see the reviews! I also looove the NYX lipsticks! Now I totally want to get some for myself lol and finally!! You're too freakin cute haha

  7. you guys are so nice and sweet hahaha but im not that cute ^___^"

    @Rabbito hahaha thank you 。◕‿◕。

    @Fern Li yes i wanted to try the big size of the brightening rice water but they didn't have it
    -__-; at least I got it as a sample >u< and yes trying new things is fun to do in order to see which one is the best for you

    and Thank you ^ㅂ^

    @l-article hahaha well actually I gave her the money so she could get it for me, but it was nice of her to get them for me during her trip X3 plus she was the one who told me if i wanted to get something during her trip hahaha and yes can't wait to post up reviews when i get to use them a bit longer(・∀・ ) And yes NYX lipsticks are ♥ you should get sommeee >u< and thank you hahaha