Friday, March 4, 2011

✿Last Day of February, March 1st = Visual Kei & With a little hint of guilt's Giveaway✿

(Warning Pic Heavy sorry T~T and click on pictures to see a larger image)


Hahaha ^__^" sorry for the really long title

This week has been extremely tiresome i've been like this the whole week even now as we speak(well as i write hahaha)
hopefully it will be better next week and I won't be so tired hahahaha

anyways so the last day of February was on Monday the 28th ^u^ hahaha this is what I ate for lunch

Yes I love my pasta♥◕。◕ especially Fettuccine so yummy~ yum yum and as dessert i drank some iced white mocha, I call it dessert cause I can't drink coffee stuff with food, sometimes i wonder how people do it. Eat food with coffee hahaha maybe its because i'm not used to it ?_? Do you guys eat food with coffee? lol yup and my friend who made the drink wrote 사랑해요, which means i love you in Korean,on the cup see ^ㅂ^

yup so that is that for the last day of February. I don't think I did anything special to end the month hahaha what i basically did was work that day ^u^. Yup so on Tuesday March 1st, yay 1 day of the month, I tried dressing up Visual Kei Style, ah but i guess you can call it a casual visual kei, i think i failed somewhat though.

here are some pictures of meee

I hate it when make up smudges to the bottom of my eyes and makes me look like someone who was either crying or extremely sleep deprived with panda eyes hahaha it tends to look like that by the end of the day *sigh* I wish it wouldn't do that

Hahaha anyways here are more pictures of me and the outfit I put together to somewhat pull off the casual visual kei?_?

yup and more pictures hahaha

yup so this is the blouse i used
I got this white blouse in New York & Company. I really like the ruffle part ^u^

and this is the cardigan that i wore on top of the blouse

yup and this cute cardigan i bought it at Old Navy. So for my pants I just wore black ones. so my complete outfit looked like this when I planned it out the day before hahaha oh and the pants i also got it from New York & Company.

It was actually the first, well its been a while since I organize what I am going to wear for the next day since I usually just pick out clothes based on the weather and its usually hoodies and jeans, or hoodies and sweats hahaha, but my hoodies are always bright colors ^u^.

so these are the accessories i used for my outfit

1. black headband with a a somewhat laced rose with a hint of gold sparkles on it - from Forever21

2. mood ring...i think i got it at the aquarium or some field trip we went for school

3. dangling 3D star earrings - from one of those, i don't know what they are called, but its usually in the middle of the malls like they are little stalls or something hahaha sorry im bad at describing ^__^";

4. Chococat watch - hehehe i got this at McDonalds it was one of the happy meal toys but i think i bought the toy itself instead i have like 4 out of 7 which i was trying to collect all of them but wasn't able to since i don't go to MickyD's that often T^T. I shall post a picture of it next time.

5. bracelet - from Disneyland um this one i didn't buy it, but i got it from my friend who got it on her trip to DLand and gave it to me for i don't remember if it was for Christmas or my B-Day

6. cute neko(kitty) necklace that says friends- this too i didn't buy it, my friend she got it for me as a christmas present ^u^ its actually one of those friendship necklaces, she has the word best and i have the word friends, but she got it from claires

7. long necklace with different charms - from Forever21, i have to say i love this necklace, but don't get to wear it often hahaha i was looking for something like this but now im looking for a necklace that has a lock and key. >u< 8. this is just a piece of ribbon that i got for free at Victoria Secret, you know when VS has one of those perfume sample where you can spray the perfume on like a strip of paper well instead of that they also have these ribbon things and they always have different things ^u^,but i used it as a necklace now here are some close up pics of the accessories

okay sorry about being pic heavy hahaha well lastly someone is having a giveaway!_!

With a little hint of guilt's Giveaway is having an extremely cute giveaway. The Giveaway is for the DollyWink EYELASH CASE!!!

There will be 7 winners randomly chosen! wow so generous. It will end on March 20th 2011. so hurry up and follow her and enter her giveaway ^u^ go here and Enter hehehe what are you waiting for?_?

so that is that until next time


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  2. yay, dolly wink luv it! You look sweet in the pics.

  3. Absolutely love that necklaces in one of the last pictures.

    Its exquisite.

    I also love the PussyCat digital watch.

    Tiffany @ Prayer Necklaces

  4. Cute outfit and accessories!! And yummy pasta! I want pasta...tomorrow...:3

    And I totally know what you mean about makeup panda eyes at the end of the day....>.< they suck!!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my carvings!
    Let's be blog buddies~!! :D :D

  5. I like the outfit! :)
    Cute accessories<3

  6. Giselle~~! (^O^) You're so pretty!!!♥♥♥♥♥ Black actually suits you... To the fullest!! o(>w<)b

  7. @RabbitoBonbon hehehe thanks hehehe but lol im not that pretty ^__^;