Thursday, March 31, 2011

♪Mini Super Tiny Nail Polish Haul, H&M Lemon Sorbet & Lovely Lavender Review/Swatches, And Some Random Drawings♪

Hi Hi

sorry for not updating more often T^T

Anyways I wanted to do a Mini Super Tiny Nail Polish Haul, since I got these three new nail polishes (well my mom got them hahaha) at Walmart and they were apparently 93cents, but today I read Tara's blog on her Walgreen's WetnWild 69cents sale and I was like What The Chocolate Bars to my mom and told her they were selling it cheaper now at Walgreens than in Walmart lol I told her she got ripped off, but oh well 93cents isn't that bad especially for these three cute nail polishes ^__^

Okay so this first one is the Kaleidoscope even the name is so pretty ^ㅂ^

this is Kaleidescope by itself

Kaleidescope is soo pretty i love this nail polish it has this super shimmery halo effect it is so hard to stop staring at lol the pictures do no justice in my opinion (ΘεΘ;)
Next is Eggplant Frost

here is the swatch for it, i only did one coat, sorry for the messy finger it happens when i just rush and don't take my time hahaha, but Eggplant Frost also has this pretty halo effect to it can't capture it that well on my iphone4 camera =_="

and now this is Kaleidescope on top of Eggplant Frost ♥✿◕‿◕✿♥

Okie Last one is called Hallucination

Hallucination by itself

Hallucination has pretty much smaller glittery sparkles than Kaleidescope, but is as pretty as well
Review: overall all of them are pretty good quality and they dry pretty quickly also i have worn it for a day or two and have to say that lasting power is pretty good

Yay okie so that was it for the super mini nail polish haul and swatches. Now is time to do the H&M Lemon Sorbet and Lovely Lavender swatch and review of the nail polishes I got last time which were introduced here in one of my posts ★Sushi, Nail Polish, & Surprise in the mail?!☆(> ω <)

okie so here is the Lemon Sorbet
This is with one coat

This is with two coats

and this one is with three coats

Next is Lovely Lavender
and this needed two coats, but i do think one coat is okay if you apply it a bit thick
One Coat

Two Coats

And this is Hallucination on top of Lovely Lavender

pretty pretty,it kinda reminds me of eater though lol but is a nice color for spring
Overall: the H&M nail polishes are the same as the blue one I reviewed on my one post clicky me here to see They dry pretty quickly, but I think the yellow one is the one that needs the most coats for it to be opaque enough, two might be just fine though

Last but not least is some pictures of my random drawings I did when I was waiting for my one class to start, they aren't so great and its been a while since I've drawn so we can call these drawings quick sketches cause they literally were

Yup drawings I do when I'm kinda bored, which I don't really do often, but I wanna improve my drawing style ( ̄ー ̄)

Okie well that is all for now Hopefully i'll update more often

time to sleep, which is what I seem to do a lot of lately well I've been having to many nappy times o.O


  1. Such pretty shades!! I really like 'Lovely Lavender' :D

    Aww sorry to hear you guys dont have Etude House.. :(

  2. Hi Giselle!

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and is now following you on Twitter. Would you like to follow me on mine too?

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    Cheers and stay happy!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog!! ^__^ v

    Nice nail polishes~ We don't have any of those brands in Australia ;( the cheapest nail polish here is $3 which isn't too bad ^^

    Eggplant Frost is my favourite out of the ones you've swatched! Maybe I'm being bias because i love purple. ><"

  4. @Fern Li your welcome

    wah they don't have them in Australia? thats sad to hear T^T

    yeah i love the eggplant frost its super pretty color i think im unconsciously bias for purple lol cause for some reason things that i own are purple without me realizing hahaha

  5. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!!

    I love the lavender nail polish color!! Such a soft nice color.


  6. Thank u for your sweet comment <3<3<3

  7. Hi! I'm looking for H&M 'Lemon Sorbet' nail polish for a long time.. Are you thinking of selling it? I'm very interested! Reply here please:


  8. Thanks for stopping by dear ^^
    I would be still happy with 93cents for 3 polishes! I don't think you can get that here in Holland :(


  9. @♥PopBlush♥ your welcome

    @Ice Pandora they don't? :(

  10. Your Kaleidescope nail polish looks sooooo nice (*A*) I love glittery things ehehehe ;333 Oh and your animals drawing is just adorable... My favourite is obviously the bunny one! Mwahahahaha♥ o(>w<)o

  11. @Rabbito i love glittery things too lol and thank you they bunny one is my favorite one too hahaha