Monday, January 31, 2011

Face Masks...

Hallo like I said on my last post, Here is the upclose and individual pictures of each face mask that I got

This one is the Green Tea Collagen Essence Mask

Now the next one is The Collagen Essence Mask

those two were the Qure Maskpack I haven't really heard of the brand before and tried to google up some reviews and couldn't really find any, but than again I wasn't really in full on search mode

And now on to the next ones

I got only one Dabo Aqua Essence Mask there was a different one but I went with this one

And Now the next two that I got look the same since they are both green but are Different!!

Darkness Cucumber Mask

And the Darkness Aloe Mask

Well that's that now the only thing I need to do would try them and Review them possible

Hehehe well I have to get ready for School tomorrow!! Gah

Don't really want to wake up early, but I guess that's why I need to hit the sack earlier instead of staying up late hahaha. Until Next time


  1. I love your little graphics. This was interesting I dont know much about face masks!

  2. @Toesthattwinkle! thank you ^-^ I will probably post up reviews about them later on! I hope you look forward to them ^u^

  3. Nice post ^^! I like the face masks

  4. Hi, can you please let me know whether the date printed on the pack of the DABO mask the manufactured date or the expiration date? Thanks in advance!! :)

  5. @Anonymous yes the date in the back of the DABO mask is the expiration date so mine expires in 2013