Monday, January 31, 2011

Last Sunday For January 2011 ^u^

Hello everyone, well actually I don't think anyone follows my blog yet. Hopefully i may have more later on, but that would have to be my fault since I've never really blogged about anything except giveaways. But since I love reading other people's blog, and that's what I've been doing a lot lately, I've been somewhat inspired to start Blogging ^u^ Yay. LOL it will probably be kind of hard at the beginning since I am a Noob at this >~< I apologize in advance >u<" So today I just wanted to blog about what I did on my last sunday in the month of january ^__^ starting with yes! Breakfast!! Important meal of the Day!!!! ^u^

yup today was turkey bacon, eggs, and toasted bread ^__^ yummy lol

later on the day we went to Lotte ^__^ kind off a long ride there since we don't live close there hahaha but I finally got some masks and I've always been dying to try some masks and yes now I get a chance to test them out ^__^ I might do a review on them since I got 5 different ones. Here are some pics

these are all the five different ones that I got >u
I shall post more pics of it some other time since right now is way past due my bed time and I have work tomorrow.

Please Look forward for more of my posts and please treat me nicely Yoroshiku oneigashimasu ^u^

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  1. So funny, I was trying to look up in detail about these face masks as well and your blog popped up. And then you mentioned Lotte....I think we may live in the same vicinity. o_o lol.