Friday, July 15, 2011 and Haul

[warning] pic heavy (>uO)~
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Hello This is super duper extremely late but I wanted to share with you the things I got at and things that i got from

First up are the things I got from Sasa there is free shipping if you spend $75US+, but its standard shipping by the mail so it takes around 14 ~ 21 days, even if you didn't have free shipping its still going to be 14 ~ 21 days and if you spend $150+ than you have option on having expedited shipping and it takes around 5 ~ 7 days. I got mine around that time mark and they send your things wrapped up in bubble warp also contains packing peanuts and in a box like this

if you open it the right side lol you see your papers (the receipt) and a booklet about wigs

like i said they come all packed in bundles with bubble wrap lol yay bubble wrap (i like popping them) XD

and here are the things i got

closer look of them individually

and this is the free thing that i got (^__^)

yup yup so that is it with the sasa haul but no no no its not over yet now onto prettyandcute haul

pretty and cute also sends your package in a box and has packaging peanuts they also have free shipping on orders that are $50US+ and it comes within 1-3 days ill just post a pic here so its easier to understand and see about their shipping

(*^u^*) for some reason i don't have a pic of it since i guess when i got it i was super excited and i also came back from work and was going to a friend's birthday dinner soon lol ah this is how my face looked that day hahaha

okay so back to the haul (^u^) so prettyandcute has the cutest business card so cute

so here are the things i got.... the make up pouch and the lioele pearly white eyeshadow was free goodies i got since they were having their anniversary when i got it

individual close up of items

phew finally done with this lol i still have more hauls that are also super late but those are for some other time and also thank you for the lovely comments on my last post


  1. Wow your haul is sooo cute!!! But is buying from sass safe?

  2. Awesome haul!! I'm pretty jealous!! I want some skin stuff!! >3< Reviews reviews!! :D

  3. Amazing hauls!!! I so need to buy more sheet masks too! How are you liking them and which is your favourite?

    And is that piece of hair a headband? (from your pretty and cute haul)

  4. Great haul!! I also want to buy some lovely products at pretty&cute xx

  5. Nice haul! :D And now onto the never ending blogs posts on reviewsssssssssss!! XD hahaha!

    ...I WANT REVIEWS NAO D: especially on the masks :D i've been eyeing on the nano eye mask (see what i did there? lol!) at a local asian beauty store but i dunno whether it'll do anything for me =3=

  6. WOW great haul~~~i luv too. but i hate getting taxed on which is more often than you think~~~ive never bought anything from pretty and cute b4~~~but now im intrigued~~~


  7. That's an awesome haul! So many facemasks!!! Are the Nano Eye Masks good? I wanna try them too XD

  8. wow you got so nice things!!! <3

    do you want to join my giveaway? ^^/

  9. wow that's a lot of sheet masks! lol I have a box...... hmmm I haven't finish it. lol I don't understand the hype over it =u="""

    Your hauls are so big <3